Advantages of Keyless Entry Systems

It’s almost becoming a standard feature on all vehicles these days. Keyless entry systems have a variety of benefits that manufacturers are routinely making available on most cars. The benefits can often go unnoticed until they actually come in handy for you. Drivers without keyless entry system will probably notice the disadvantages before keyless entry owners notice the advantages. Here are a few basic benefits and advantages to a keyless entry system on your car.


Thieves are always a concern for property owners. Security measures must be taken to protect any valuables, including your car. Keys don’t provide the added protection that a keyless entry system would. With the press of a button on the keychain, car owners can lock/unlock their vehicle, trunk, and sometimes their engines. Standard keys can be copied or simulated for forced entry, but keyless entry systems operate by messages sent to the vehicle. This is a much harder locking mechanism to compromise than a key.


You’re walking out of the grocery store with two bags full of groceries. Walking is not too much of a problem. When you make it to your car, you have to get your keys out to pop the trunk. This is a little more difficult, but you’re still able to do it. With bags in arms, and keys in hand, you bend down to open the trunk. One turn to the right, and all your bread and eggs are in the parking lot.

Rewind. This time your arms are loaded down. You navigate the parking lot. As you approach your trunk, it pops open by itself. You safely put your bags in the trunk. All you had to do was press the button for the truck on your remote keyless entry.


Sometimes locking the car door can slip our minds. How about when you drive home, and it suddenly starts to rain cats and dogs? Once you get to your driveway, you’d like to quickly get in the house as dry as possible. For those of us without a garage, it’s a frantic race to the front door and out of the rain. Once you’re safe inside and dry, you realize you didn’t lock the car door. Do you trust your memory, and lock the door after the rain stops? Do you trust that someone’s not brazen enough to steal from you during a rainstorm?

It’s smarter (and highly unpleasant) to just get soaking wet all over again. But it’s even smarter to make sure your vehicle has a keyless entry system. No need to return out into the rain. A remote keyless entry allows you to lock/unlock the door from the house.


People often find themselves in dangerous situations and places. The inside of the car can be a refuge from not only rain, but also from various threats. You’re leaving a company party late at night, and you wish you’d parked a little closer. When you find yourself all by yourself, most people start searching for their keys. This is usually whether there’s an immediate emergency or not. But what if there is? A strange man appears out of nowhere, and as you speed up, he speeds up. At this point, you’ve convinced yourself that he’s following you.

In the time it takes you to shuffle through your keys, find the right one, insert it into the lock, and unlock the car door, the stranger could be breathing down your neck. And even though he just wanted to return the sweater you left behind, he could’ve been anybody. A keyless entry system would have unlocked the door before you got to the car, and allowed you to slip into the driver’s seat.

Key Damage

Keys have caused damaged to many vehicle bodies. For some people it was a malicious act by another person who scratched up the paint job. This can be very costly and embarrassing to the owner. And even though it’s a little less unsightly, small inadvertent scratches on car doors can ruin paint jobs. Anytime you unlock your car door, using a key, you can’t help but scratch the area round the keyhole. Check your car door, and if you do not have a remote keyless entry system, you probably have several scratches around the lock. Remote keyless entry systems can eliminate all those scratches.

DeDona has you covered

If you’ve been considering getting a keyless entry system installed on your vehicle, give us a call and we would be happy to answer all your questions and walk you through our available options. Call us today at (336) 851-1300.


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