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Color change wraps are a new innovative option for automotive consumers who would like to change their ride but would prefer not to trade or sell their vehicle.

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Color Change

Itching for a change but buying a new car is not an option? Simple. Transform your vehicle into the ride of your dreams with a color change wrap! Often known as car wraps, vinyl is used to completely change the look of your ride and the options for car wraps are limitless.

DeDona will help design just the right look for you! Car wrap colors are endless, as are the finishes. Matte, glossy, chrome, metallic or carbon fiber are just a few of the choices for color change wraps. Not only are the colors and finishes for car wraps endless but so are the placement options.

Vehicle Graphics

A full color change wrap can be a little pricey. Not to worry. DeDona can wrap as a little or as much of your ride as you like. Options include hood wraps, racing stripes, trim wraps, partial wraps or chrome blackout wraps. Accents wraps are an affordable way to get the look you want without breaking the bank. We even do reflective vinyl! Bottom line…if you can dream it, DeDona can wrap it.

Simply restyling with vehicle graphics may be your preferred option. Have a favorite sports team? Show your support with a hood wrap. Graphics can be designed at DeDona and placed anywhere on your ride. Vehicle graphics look great for years and can be removed at any time without damage to your vehicle. Car wraps move your ride from bland to BAM! Let our professionals help you achieve just the right look for you!


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Colorless Paint Protection

At DeDona, we make it our goal to be client specific. Car wraps or vehicle graphics may not be for everyone but chances are everyone wants to protect their automotive investment. That’s why at DeDona we offer colorless paint protection. It is an effective and affordable way to preserve your vehicle’s paint. Rock chips, scratches, and wear and tear are unavoidable on the road, but that doesn’t mean they have to damage your vehicle. We offer kits that protect the most impacted parts of your vehicle – bumpers, hoods, rocker panels and door edges. Of course, we can wrap the entire vehicle if you need complete protection. Colorless paint protection guards against physical damages, and the UV light that fades paint over time is held at bay. This protection gives a much longer life to the exterior of your vehicle, keeping it as fresh as it was when you drove it from the dealership.


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