Be Cool With Tinted Windows for the Home

With the summer days heating up, homeowners are trying to find the best way to keep cool and save money. One method of energy saving is home window tinting. The majority of heat from the sun comes in the form of infrared rays and tinted windows help prevent these rays from entering the home. Creating a naturally cooler interior is the smartest way to lower energy bills in the summer.

Home tinted windows have several other benefits besides keeping the temperature down. First, the tint can help protect furniture. Normal windows let in UV rays that can fade fabrics, carpets and wood. With tinted windows, you can enjoy a well-lit room without damage to your interior.

Tinted windows also add a security and safety feature to your home. Perhaps the most efficient way of preventing break-ins is to limit the view inside your home. Tinting gives you a clear view of the outside without people being able to see in. Also, windows with high grade film are more resistant to breakage. If the window is broken, it stays attached to the film, making for an easier repair.

Along with protecting your home belongings, tinted windows can also protect the health of your family. Ultraviolet light, which can enter through windows, is a major risk factor for cancer. You probably will not get sunburned while inside, but UV rays can still penetrate the skin and can cause long-term affects.

Other benefits of window tinting include reducing glares and providing a unique decorative element to your house. If you are considering tinted windows for your home, contact DeDona Auto Glass. We offer a high-grade film that can provide an 85 to 99 percent heat rejection rate in your home. Call us at (336) 851-1380 to schedule your appointment today.

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