Rock Your Boat: 4 Tips for the Best Marine Audio Systems

A day on the lake water skiing, tubing, or just riding in the boat can be fun, but it’s even better if you can listen to your favorite music. Music can set the mood, add to the fun, and make the day with friends more memorable. (more…)

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5 Reasons to Love Roadwire Leather Seats

So you’ve got your dream ride, but it didn’t come with the leather seats you were hoping for. Many drivers find themselves in this position, as most cars and trucks come with factory seats that are made of cloth, vinyl, or some other (less expensive) material. Typically, if you have your heart set on leather, […]

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Three Reasons to Get Sound Deadening for Your Vehicle

We spend a good portion of our lives on the go, but let’s face it — vehicles are not always the most comfortable place to spend time. Cars with excessive road noise are especially unpleasant. If you have been thinking of ways to soundproof your vehicle, auto insulation may be the answer. Just think about […]

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Protect Your Paint with a Colorless Film

Getting dents and dings from everyday travel can quickly diminish the value of your vehicle. You may think one chip in the paint doesn’t matter, but over time, these pesky little imperfections add up, making your ride look tattered and tired. What’s worse, exterior scratches are infamous for lowering the amount of money you can […]

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Don’t Be Blindsided

Have you ever begun to merge on the highway, but quickly swerved back over after realizing the lane wasn’t clear after all? What about carefully backing up your vehicle, only to be startled by the thud of a rear impact? Most people have experienced frightening moments behind the wheel. Even the most cautious drivers fall […]

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That’s a Wrap! 5 Ways a Vehicle Wrap Beats Paint

Summer means long car rides through scenic back roads with the windows rolled down and the music turned up. Whether you’re gearing up for a long road trip or simply cruising the town, chances are you’ll enjoy the ride more if your vehicle looks its best! Why not give your car a fresh look by changing […]

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Sound the Alarm!

Sometimes, it can feel like your vehicle is your home-away-from home. In fact, you are probably driving around with some pretty valuable items in your car (a GPS or name-brand sunglasses, anyone?), much like you’d have in your house. You wouldn’t think twice about protecting your home with a home security system, so why not also […]

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Top 4 Reasons to Tint Your Vehicle’s Windows

Ah, the tinted window look. It’s one that most drivers agree instantly makes your vehicle look smoother and sleeker while cruising down the road. However, tinting your windows does more than just improve the look of your car. It actually improves the functionality as well.   Here are our top four reasons to tint your […]

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Make Your Family’s Summer Road Trip a Breeze

Are we there yet? How much longer?? I’m booooored! The sun’s in my eyes!! Daddy, are we lost?   This familiar soundtrack children play for their parents during summer road trips is not music to anyone’s ears. You probably agree, there’s not much worse than being trapped in the car with these mantras stuck on […]

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History of Vehicle Graphics and Advertising

Even in medieval times family crests or emblems were emblazoned on carriage doors, standards, and shields to help quickly identify a friend or foe. In the 1800s railroad companies employed company graphics, placed on each car to quickly and repetitively identify the company hauling coal, freight, cattle, mail, and/or passengers through one’s vicinity. In the […]

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