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Top 3 Radar Detectors for 2013

Everyday drivers and truckers use radar detectors for many reasons, but it’s important to remember that a radar detector is not a license to speed. These devices help keep you aware of your speed and your surroundings, and should be considered an investment that helps you drive more safely. That being said, technology is always […]

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How Radar Detectors Work

Driving slightly over the posted speed limit is the norm these days. Most of us will bend this particular traffic law at some point, or perhaps regularly, and radar detectors are able to alert you if a police officer has their eye on you.  The eye, in this case, would be a radar gun. Radar […]

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Radar Detectors – How Do They Work?

Everyone has a bit of a lead foot every once in a while. Radar detectors are electronic gadgets used by drivers primarily to identify police who are monitoring their speed. With this device, drivers can immediately reduce their speed to avoid being ticketed. Although these helpful devices are seemingly foolproof, they can only detect Doppler-based […]

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Radar Detectors For Summer Traveling

Speeding tickets can be costly and will most likely cause your insurance rates to skyrocket.  While we know that we should not speed, our busy lives sometimes cause us to rush from place to place.  We may lose focus and not realize that we are traveling above the posted speed limit until it is too […]

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