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Boost Your Image and Save Money with Commercial Window Film

Want to upgrade the look of your office or retail space while also saving money? Consider installing commercial window film. This versatile product can create the look of decorative glass, add privacy, or even place your company’s logo on windows.  Best of all, window film, also called window tinting, increases your building’s energy efficiency.   […]

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Save on Energy Bills With Tinted Windows

Monthly bills can feel like an ever-growing mountain for many homeowners, but did you know there’s an easy way to lower both your cooling and heating bills while staying comfortable? Tinting the windows in your home is a great way to save energy, eliminate hot spots from the glare of the sun, and increase your […]

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Top 4 Reasons to Tint Your Vehicle’s Windows

Ah, the tinted window look. It’s one that most drivers agree instantly makes your vehicle look smoother and sleeker while cruising down the road. However, tinting your windows does more than just improve the look of your car. It actually improves the functionality as well.   Here are our top four reasons to tint your […]

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4 Warning Signs To Watch For When Hiring A Window Tint Company

Finding the right company to work on your vehicle, home or business is not always easy. Here are some warning signs you should look for when searching for a window tint company. Little or No Reviews When hiring a window tinting company, be wary of companies that do not have many reviews available. While not […]

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Custom Window Tinting vs. Computer Cut Tint

Those unfamiliar with window tint may not know the difference between computer cut films and custom cut film, and that’s unfortunate because once you’re aware of the difference, computer cut is simply not acceptable if you take pride in your car or truck. You may be wondering why computer cut tint film would be the […]

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Advantages of Window Tint for Retail Stores

Every retail business has to juggle all kinds of expenses, while making sure that both employees and customers are comfortable while in the facility.  Making a working and shopping environment comfortable can take a substantial amount of planning, investment, and research, but sometimes even comparatively small investments can be made that have a positive impact […]

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How Long Does Window Tint Last?

Just as parts on a vehicle will break or wear down over time, window tint will also eventually need to be replaced. How long your tint lasts depends on a number of factors including the quality and type of film you choose, how much direct sunlight the tint is exposed to, and the quality of […]

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NC Window Tint Laws and Exceptions – Everything You Need to Know

Many vehicle modifications are restricted by state or local laws, and aftermarket window tinting is no different. The North Carolina DOT has put in place certain restrictions on window tint that tint installers and vehicle owners must adhere to, and these guidelines are also applicable to vehicle safety inspections. Let’s begin with the most popular […]

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Types of Window Tint Film and their Differences

We have been tinting windows for close to 20 years now, and our customers’ tastes are as varied as the types of tint films we have available. Some want a cheaper tint and a darker look, others want a more reflective look, and some want a more subdued, subtle look. The appearance of the tint, […]

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Home Window Tint Brings Energy Savings

Saving money is an important ongoing concern for many families today. We try to save and find the best deals at the pump, in the grocery store, at the mechanic – everywhere. There are energy savings to be had with more efficient HVAC units for your home, but you can even go a step further […]

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