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Types of Window Tint Film and their Differences

We have been tinting windows for close to 20 years now, and our customers’ tastes are as varied as the types of tint films we have available. Some want a cheaper tint and a darker look, others want a more reflective look, and some want a more subdued, subtle look. The appearance of the tint, […]

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Home Window Tint Brings Energy Savings

Saving money is an important ongoing concern for many families today. We try to save and find the best deals at the pump, in the grocery store, at the mechanic – everywhere. There are energy savings to be had with more efficient HVAC units for your home, but you can even go a step further […]

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Window Tinting for Business and Government

Window tint has been extremely popular for years. It looks good, blocks UV rays, increase interior comfort and much more. The same tint film technology people have used on vehicles is also available for businesses as well, and if your business has large windows that receive a lot of sunlight, applying window tint film can […]

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Reasons to Tint Your RV Windows

Whether it’s a fifth wheel or a travel trailer, your RV is a home away from home and makes traveling, sight-seeing, and camping much more enjoyable for those who would rather have amenities and comfort close at hand.  That being said, the sun is also a companion you’ll be bumping into every day, and too […]

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Truckers Experience Chronic Exposure to UVA Rays from Sunlight

You may have heard by now of the truck driver whose story was released in the New England Journal of Medicine. This 69-year-old man drove his truck for 28 years and during that time on the road the left side of his face was almost constantly exposed to direct sunlight, which carries with it UVA […]

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Commercial Window Tinting – Employee and Customer Comfort, Energy Savings, Health Benefits

The sun has a way of following you wherever you go. When you hop in your car, and take a Sunday afternoon drive, there it is beaming down onto your vehicle. This intense heat leads many people to purchase window tint with high heat rejection to keep the heat at bay. But most people don’t […]

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The Many Benefits of Window Tinting

Aside from the obvious cosmetic touch of window tinting, many people are unaware of the many practical benefits that come along with it, ranging from personal health and safety to a more private and pleasant driving experience. Here’s a few quick facts to keep in mind as you consider whether window tinting is right for […]

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The Advantages of CarbonXP Tint Film

SunTek CarbonXP window tint is a state of the art window tint technology for any automotive vehicle. Very few window tint competitors come close to comparing. CarbonXP is manufactured with Nano-Hybrid technology, is non-metal, and features a non-reflective dark finish that will not fade over time. The heat of the south is incredibly strong and […]

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North Carolina Windshield and Window Tinting Guidelines

Tinted windows are more popular than ever these days, especially the dark or “blacked out” look. While our staff and many of you out there are fond of that look, there are limits on how dark you can go and where tint can be applied. If you exceed these limits, you may wind up facing […]

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How Businesses and Homes Benefit from Window Tinting

It is officially summertime. The sun’s heat is at its peak, making both outdoors and even indoors a bit unbearable at times. Aside from cranking up the air conditioning, there is another option for protecting your home or business from the sun’s powerful rays—window tinting. Window tinting serves to protect your indoor environment from the […]

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