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Semi-Truck Windshield Replacement & Repair

Semi Glass & Windshield Replacement When you’re out on the long-haul, the last thing you should worry about is how to get your semi-truck glass replaced if it gets damaged. Here at DeDona Auto Glass, we help hundreds of semi-truck drivers replace their windshields and windows every year! We make every effort to ensure the […]

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Preventing Windshield Damage from Spreading

DeDona Auto Glass specializes in windshield repair, so if yours has a small crack or chip then there is still hope for the glass! Replacing a windshield is not normally a huge expense, however it is still much more costly than repairing damage instead, unless of course your insurance policy covers replacement and repairs. Small […]

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Can I Repair My Windshield?

What is windshield repair, and how does it save me money? Utilizing the power of modern technology, we’re able to repair most windshield chip damage instead of replacing the entire windshield. If a chip in your windshield can be repaired, the more costly process of replacing the entire glass can be avoided. Which types of […]

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Chip Repairs – Prevent Your Windshield from Cracking

If you’re a vehicle owner, you generally try to keep up with regular maintenance – regular oil changes, new coolant, and the occasional transmission service. When a more serious problem arises, usually it will make it much higher up on the priority list in order to avoid more serious issues. However, there is one particular […]

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Step by Step Windshield Repair

A car is an investment. It is important that you pay attention to its every need in order to ensure your own personal safety. Windshield chips are perhaps the most common, and most obvious, damage to a vehicle, and can easily transform into a large crack given time. The solution? Seal the chip before it […]

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How to Choose a Mobile Auto Glass Repair Service in Burlington NC

You’ve had an accident and need your auto glass repaired?  We’ve the perfect answer for you: it’s a mobile auto glass repair service.  It’s essentially the same services we always offer, but we bring the services to you.  A mobile auto glass repair service is excellent when you’re busy.  This is something you could work […]

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What To Do When a Rock Hits Your Windshield

Having a rock hit your windshield can be really shocking, dangerous or at the very least highly aggravating.  A high percentage of auto accidents are caused by rocks hitting windshields and the damage done to your vehicle can be huge.  Hopefully you won’t have this trouble this summer, but this blog outlines what to do […]

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NC Insurance Coverage Information for Auto Glass Repairs

Many auto insurance policies have windshield and glass replacement clauses included, which can make a huge difference when you need to make use of them for repairs or replacements. Policies covering windshield and auto glass may vary depending on insurance provider and the specific policy you take out, however there are a few standard points […]

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The Advantages of Mobile Auto Glass Repair Services

Mobile Auto Glass Repair Services can provide you with a convenient, safe way to repair damage to vehicle windshields. For many people, life is a series of things to do that doesn’t always allow for the unexpected. Often times we put off minor repairs until they become unavoidable, and thus much more expensive. A prime […]

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How to Choose an Auto Glass Repair Service

When choosing an auto glass repair services there are several factors to consider: the extent of the damage to be repaired, how much you are willing to spend, time investment for the repair, and the quality and experience of the service provider. Chips and cracks in your windshield do not necessarily mean an automatic windshield […]

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