How to Safely Remove Frost and Ice From Your Windshield

It’s that time again. The temperatures are starting to drop in the Piedmont Triad and soon we will be dealing with frost, snow, or ice on our windshield. Learning how to safely clear your windshield will help to prevent scratches and other damage to the glass.

If you park your car outside, you know what an annoyance it is to come out in the morning only to discover that your windshield is covered in frost or ice. While you may be tempted to grab your ice scraper and start scraping away, this approach may cause you to scratch the glass. There is a better way to remove frost and ice from your windshield. However, you will want to give yourself some extra time in the morning so that you can do it correctly without being late to work.

First, you should start your car’s engine. Turn the defrost heat level to high and the fan to low. This prevents the windshield from heating too quickly, which may cause it to crack. If you have a de-icing agent in your windshield wiper fluid, you can apply it. Once the car has warmed up and has been running a few minutes, you can use a plastic ice scraper or credit card to clear the ice. Use shallow downward strokes to avoid scratching the glass.

Be sure to always take the time to properly clear your windshield before driving. Having a clear, unobstructed view is essential for safe driving. You may want to consider installing a remote starter in your vehicle. It makes warming up your vehicle much easier on cold, winter mornings.

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