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11265369_509673852518819_1297871884_n-1Leather seats are one of the most sought after features in a vehicle. After all, who wouldn’t prefer leather over cloth or vinyl? It looks sharp, it’s easy to clean, and, if properly cared for, it holds up for years.

The trouble with leather is it comes with a price. If you’ve ever shopped around for a new ride, you have probably noticed that manufacturers only include leather in their high-end models and pricier packages. Many shoppers don’t care to have the other features often found in these packages, (sunroofs, premium sound systems, etc.) but find themselves torn: do I upgrade for the seats I want or settle for a less desirable finish?

The good news is, upping your trim level and spending thousands more isn’t the only way to get the seats you have your heart set on. Aftermarket leather seats are often a more affordable option and offer several benefits, including:

Customizable Look

Choosing to have leather seats installed in your vehicle puts you in the driver’s seat. Choose from hundreds of colors, including unique color combinations and custom threading or piping. You can also have an option matched with your vehicle’s current finishes to ensure a seamless look.

Seamless Fit

Some worry that if they add leather seats down the road, it will be an obvious misfit with their vehicle’s look and feel. This is not the case with Roadwire Leather Seats — permanent leather seat kits that are engineered to look and feel exactly like original and intended to last for the life of the vehicle.

Higher Resale Value

Leather seats are one of the most sought after features in a vehicle. Adding leather to your car not only gives you a more pleasurable driving experience, it ups the value and increases your chances of getting more money when it’s time to sell or trade.

Installation Matters!

The value of your leather seats depends largely on a proper installation. Professional installers can remove your current upholstery and replace it with high-quality leather that will look and feel like it was there all along.

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Interested in having custom leather seats installed in your vehicle? Contact DeDona Tint & Sound in Greensboro, NC, to schedule your consultation. We can help you decide on an option that fits your style and budget, and install your leather upholstery quickly and professionally.


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