Mobile Auto Glass Replacement for Heavy Equipment

Just like your vehicle, heavy machinery and equipment can suffer auto glass damage and require professional replacement services.  Damaged and broken glass can put operators at risk and slow down the progress of the job.  Glass replacement and repair done correctly and quickly can maintain your high safety standards and get your heavy equipment back to work.

Windshields and windows on heavy equipment are quite often subjected to harsh conditions.  Falling debris, exposure to sun, and vandalism can damage the glass.  It is not unusual for one of these vehicles to suffer window cracks or scratches.

The windows on heavy equipment, like backhoes, excavators, and forklifts, are an important safety feature.  They protect the operator from flying rocks, stones, dirt, and debris that is found at most construction sites.   A cracked or broken window compromises the safety of the worker, putting him in danger of a workplace injury.  Damaged glass will not provide the protection to your employees that is required by OSHA.

Broken and damaged windows can impede the vision of the operator.  Not only will this prevent him from doing his job correctly, it could result in deadly injuries to his co-workers.  A clear, unobstructed view while operating heavy equipment is essential to the proper function and safety of the machine.

We all know the old saying, “Time is money.”  Many construction projects are on a strict timeline and cannot be put off while equipment is repaired. An out-of-service machine can delay the completion of the job, possibly putting the entire project in jeopardy.  Save money and time by finding an auto glass replacement technician who is knowledgeable and skilled in the replacement of heavy equipment glass. Getting is done right the first time will prevent a delay in your schedule due to machine maintenance.

DeDona Auto Glass offers mobile glass replacement services to heavy equipment all around the Piedmont Triad of NC.  Whether you are located in High Point, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, or surrounding areas, we will travel to your site to repair and replace the glass on your equipment.  Contact us today at (336) 851-1300 to find out more about our glass repair and replacement services.


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