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If you love getting around on two wheels, you know that having your favorite music along for the ride makes the experience even more enjoyable. But when it comes to audio systems for the road, motorcycles require unique products. It’s not quite as simple as buying speakers for your car. You need a clear sound that can be heard over your loud engine both on the highway and around town.

The team at DeDona Tint and Sound can help you select an audio system with the right amount of power and provide expert installation.

Here are a few of the benefits our motorcycle sound systems deliver:

  • Durability
    All motorcycle products offered by DeDona are designed to take the heat and UV rays that come with motorcycle riding. Our systems don’t fade in the sun and can withstand the vibrations of a long ride down the highway.
  • Moisture Protection
    There’s a difference between water resistant and waterproof. If you want to be sure a heavy rain won’t ruin your speakers, go with a marine system. DeDona offers a variety of marine systems because of their loud sound and ability to withstand an unexpected downpour.
  • Balance of Power
    You need enough power to get a great sound without draining your motorcycle’s battery. Our compact amplifiers offer crystal clear sound at high speeds, but won’t take away power from your bike.  
  • Easy Connectivity
    Bluetooth technology lets you easily play music from your phone or other handheld devices. Just make a playlist, connect, and hit the road. Bluetooth also helps you avoid cluttered wiring and allows you to listen through your headphones.
  • Precise Installation
    Where your sound system is installed – and how it is installed – matters. Some can be mounted directly on the handlebars or highway bars. The team at DeDona will install your system in a way that provides optimal sound and does not interfere with your riding experience.


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