NC Insurance Coverage Information for Auto Glass Repairs

Many auto insurance policies have windshield and glass replacement clauses included, which can make a huge difference when you need to make use of them for repairs or replacements. Policies covering windshield and auto glass may vary depending on insurance provider and the specific policy you take out, however there are a few standard points of information you should expect to find in the comprehensive coverage portion of your personal auto policy.

Coverage amount: Full insurance coverage often includes free windshield repair. Check the fine print of your personal auto policy. Be sure to read through everything covered under Physical Damage, which includes your Collision coverage and Comprehensive coverage.

Specialty windshield repair deductible: Some insurance providers offer a smaller deductible for windshield repairs that is significantly lower than the overall collision deductible. In the state of North Carolina there are no state mandated waivers for deductibles so you will need to discuss this with your insurance company and make sure that what you discuss is stated in your comprehensive coverage plan.

“No Penalty” windshield repair: Generally windshield and auto glass damage is a minimal cost therefore some insurances offer repair coverage with no penalty, which means your rates will not increase after making a claim. This tends to be covered under Comprehensive coverage, which is optional coverage. Obviously, it is an option worth considering to avoid the rate hikes involved in filing Collision coverage claims.

Ready access: With so many auto glass and windshield repair companies providing service it may not be necessary to go through the arduous filing process required for other claims. It may be possible to make the claim thought the auto glass repair provider. Insurance companies may recommend service providers they have a relationship with that lowers their costs, but you have the right to choose which company you would prefer to service your auto glass needs to insure that your vehicle receives quality installation and products.

It is important to note that Liability coverage typically only covers damage to other vehicles, and does not include damages to your own vehicle. Many auto insurance providers might not necessarily be forth coming about windshield repair coverage to discourage claims. Be sure to read through your policy in its entirety and talk to your insurance agent about what options are really available to you regarding windshield repair before they become necessary.

Once you have the information necessary to properly utilize your insurance coverage to repair or replace any damaged auto glass or windshield, check for an auto glass repair company that guarantees its service and factory-quality products. Ideally you want a repair company that provides a warranty covering workmanship and product defects for as long as you own your vehicle, and yes, there are companies out there that do that.

Windshields and auto glass are important safety features on your vehicle. Do not compromise on the safety of your passengers or yourself by not having proper coverage or utilizing it when needed with a quality auto glass repair service.

If you are looking for windshield repair or replacement, contact DeDona Auto Glass in Greensboro, NC. We are the area’s premier auto glass shop and process claims, preforming quality service once claims are filed with insurance companies. We are located conveniently to High Point, Winston Salem, Kernersville, Burlington and the surrounding Piedmont Triad communities of North Carolina.


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