Power Window Repair and Installation

Power windows are a standard feature for most car and SUV models sold today.  They offer convenience to drivers and passengers by eliminating the need to manually rotate a crank handle to open and close a vehicle’s windows.  Over time, components like the regulator and motor may need to be replaced or repaired if not working properly.  Older model vehicles with manual  systems can be updated with power windows as well.

A slow window or one that tends to stick may not seem like a big problem that needs to be fixed promptly.  However, putting off a repair can be dangerous. It is important to have fully functioning windows in the case of an emergency.

A common problem that prevents power windows from working correctly is motor failure.  If the window has been slow moving up and down, the motor may be close to burnout.  In this case, it must be replaced to allow your windows to function properly.

The window regulator is the control that allows a person to roll a vehicle window up or down.  The master switch is usually located on the driver’s side door and is used to operate all of the power windows in the vehicle.  Over time and with much use, this regulator may wear out and need to be replaced.

If there is no response when you try to open your window and you don’t hear the motor running, you may have blown a fuse.  Luckily, this is a fairly easy and inexpensive problem to fix.

Jamming occurs when a foreign object blocks the window from moving properly.  Many times, this occurs in the winter when ice buildup can lock a window in place.  Removing the blockage will usually allow the window to begin working correctly again.

If your power windows are malfunctioning or need to be repaired, visit DeDona Auto Glass in Greensboro, NC.  Our technicians are able to diagnose and repair problems as well as install power window systems in older vehicles.  Call us at (336) 851-1300 today to find out more.


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