Radar Detectors For Summer Traveling

Speeding tickets can be costly and will most likely cause your insurance rates to skyrocket.  While we know that we should not speed, our busy lives sometimes cause us to rush from place to place.  We may lose focus and not realize that we are traveling above the posted speed limit until it is too late.  Radar detectors alert us when we are speeding and allow drivers to slow down when the police are nearby.

A radar detector does just what its name implies—it detects the radar beams emitted from a law enforcement official’s radar gun.  This device makes a noise to inform the driver that a radar gun is being used and he should slow down if speeding.  Some models will pick up lasers, called “ladar,” that are also used by police officers to find speeding motorists.  There are other devices that block or jam the police officer’s radar.  These devices prevent the officer or trooper from registering your vehicle’s speed.

Aside from helping drivers avoid expensive fines and increased insurance rates, radar detectors alert drivers that they should reevaluate their speed.  Many of us speed unknowingly, simply keeping up with the flow of traffic.  When the radar detector alerts us, it is then that we may realize that we need to slow down.

There are a variety of models and styles in many different price ranges to choose from.  Radar detectors can be mounted on your windshield or some can be installed into your dash.  Be aware that some states have outlawed these devices so it is important that you ensure the legality of these detectors before installing or using one.

With summer traveling season right around the corner, now is the time to think about purchasing a radar detector.  It may save you hundreds of dollars in tickets and increased insurance premiums.

DeDona Tint and Sound is a proud supplier of Escort radar detectors.  There are a variety of models available for drivers in Greensboro, Kernersville, High Point, and Winston-Salem, NC.  We place a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction.  Call us at (336) 851-1300 to learn more about our radar detector selection.

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