Reasons to Tint Your RV Windows

Whether it’s a fifth wheel or a travel trailer, your RV is a home away from home and makes traveling, sight-seeing, and camping much more enjoyable for those who would rather have amenities and comfort close at hand.  That being said, the sun is also a companion you’ll be bumping into every day, and too much sun can turn an otherwise relaxing experience into an annoyance.

Beauty sleep

“Early to bed, early to rise” seems to be the rule of thumb these days, but when you are on a road trip those rules only apply if you want them to.  We all need to sleep in once in a while, but the sun blasting through your windows brightening and heating up the space can put a stop to that real quick. With darker tint on window in sleeping areas, you can get that extra hour or two of much needed sleep without the sun driving you out of bed.

Comfortable and cool

Going on the road during the warmer months means the air conditioning system will be working overtime to compensate for the intense heat. Nobody wants a vacation that consists of sweating buckets as you make your way down the road, after all the traveling experience with an RV is supposed to be enjoyable as well, not just setting up at the destination.  With quality window tint, the interior will remain much cooler which means your A/C doesn’t have to work as hard. Also, if you have pets along for the ride they will certainly appreciate it.

Keeping up appearances

Direct sunlight exposure has long been the enemy of interior upholstery and furnishings, especially in the case of vehicles. The damage is gradual, and that’s part of the danger, you won’t notice until it’s too late to turn back the clock and your upholstery is fading or cracking, and repairs of that nature can be prohibitively expensive. With quality window tint, you can save the interior of your RV or travel trailer from the sun, and save your wallet from being emptied at a later date to fix the damage.

Health benefits

Your RV interior isn’t the only surface being affected by the sun. UVA rays from the sun pass through glass almost as if it weren’t there at all, and over time that much sun exposure can result in health problems such as skin cancer. Tint film will prevent over 99% of those UV rays from entering your RV or trailer.

DeDona has 17 years of experience in the tint industry, so no matter what size, shape, make or model RV or trailer you own, we can tint the glass. We use only superior films that have low reflectivity, high heat rejection, non-metal (won’t interfere with electronics), and most importantly we completely guarantee our workmanship. If you are considering tinting the windows of your RV, fifth-wheel or trailer, or thinking about replacing the existing tint after many years of wear, DeDona can help! Call us today at (336) 851-1300.

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