Side Window Motor Replacement

Despite all the style upgrades and features you’ve added to your vehicle, one of the most important features often taken for granted are still the windows. That may seem like a stretch for a “feature”, but who would buy a car without windows? As important a feature as windows are for a vehicle, many people suffer through driving without properly functioning windows. There may be various reasons why, but few that can’t be solved by DeDona Auto Glass.

Windows both new and old can malfunction, leaving drivers without access to fresh open air, or a cool Sunday afternoon breeze. Most cars today are being manufactured with electric powered windows and door. Problems can vary from a minor adjustment like an un-glued clip, to a more significant issue like a nonfunctioning motor or regulator. When the power window’s motor stops working, some of the simplest daily driving activities become either difficult or impossible.

Imagine if you’re ordering food at a drive-thru with a window that will not roll down. Opening your door could work, but some days you might end up taking an early shower. What if you prefer to bank from the comfort of your vehicle in the bank’s outdoor drive-thru lane? With a malfunctioning window motor, you have to park, go inside, and stand in line.

How about if your window gets stuck down? Not only will you inevitably be inviting every bee, fly or mosquito along with you for your drive, but also the vehicle won’t be secure from theft, or against harsh weather that can cause a great deal of interior damage. Covering the window with a plastic sheet will work as a band-aid, but is not exactly fashionable, and certainly not a long-term solution.

That little motor inside the door panel that operates the electric windows, although hidden, is one of those components you may never appreciate until it fails to work. Hidden alongside, and attached to, the motor is the regulator which is directly responsible for the upward and downward motion of the glass. This component may also be the culprit behind a nonfunctioning power or manual window, and we will cover those in more detail in a future post.

If your power or manual windows are not working as they should, give us a call at (336) 851-1380 or get a quote through out website. We can replace that broken motor and have your power windows functioning again.

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