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Home Window Tint Brings Energy Savings

Saving money is an important ongoing concern for many families today. We try to save and find the best deals at the pump, in the grocery store, at the mechanic – everywhere. There are energy savings to be had with more efficient HVAC units for your home, but you can even go a step further […]

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Benefits of a Subwoofer – Bring the Bass!

People who might feel the need for a subwoofer fall into a very distinct subgroup of music lovers. It’s one thing to like blasting the latest and favorite tunes while you’re driving down the road. It’s another thing to be such a sound enthusiast that you look for ways to achieve optimum sound quality at […]

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Glass Bonding Adhesive Vital for Windshield Strength & Safety

While the quality of glass used to replace a windshield is quite important, the quality of adhesive used is of even greater importance.  Urethane glass bonding adhesive is used for millions of new windshield installations every year, and independent auto glass service facilities such as DeDona Auto Glass rely on the same quality adhesive when […]

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Replacement Window Regulators for Manual and Power Windows

In a previous blog we reviewed the motor which drives power windows, but if your windows (power or manual) will not roll up or down, the motor may not be the culprit, or at least not entirely. Attached to the motor is a part called the regulator, the component that is directly responsible for raising […]

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Side Window Motor Replacement

Despite all the style upgrades and features you’ve added to your vehicle, one of the most important features often taken for granted are still the windows. That may seem like a stretch for a “feature”, but who would buy a car without windows? As important a feature as windows are for a vehicle, many people […]

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Chip Repairs – Prevent Your Windshield from Cracking

If you’re a vehicle owner, you generally try to keep up with regular maintenance – regular oil changes, new coolant, and the occasional transmission service. When a more serious problem arises, usually it will make it much higher up on the priority list in order to avoid more serious issues. However, there is one particular […]

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The Many Benefits of Window Tinting

Aside from the obvious cosmetic touch of window tinting, many people are unaware of the many practical benefits that come along with it, ranging from personal health and safety to a more private and pleasant driving experience. Here’s a few quick facts to keep in mind as you consider whether window tinting is right for […]

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The Advantages of CarbonXP Tint Film

SunTek CarbonXP window tint is a state of the art window tint technology for any automotive vehicle. Very few window tint competitors come close to comparing. CarbonXP is manufactured with Nano-Hybrid technology, is non-metal, and features a non-reflective dark finish that will not fade over time. The heat of the south is incredibly strong and […]

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Win 4 FREE Tickets to Wet N’ Wild Emerald Pointe Water Park!

We’ve got some pretty hot days ahead this summer; temperatures are already breaking into three digits! The folks here at DeDona want to give one of our customers a chance to cool off and enjoy the summer with some great fun, so this month we will be giving away 4 (yes you saw that right, […]

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How Businesses and Homes Benefit from Window Tinting

It is officially summertime. The sun’s heat is at its peak, making both outdoors and even indoors a bit unbearable at times. Aside from cranking up the air conditioning, there is another option for protecting your home or business from the sun’s powerful rays—window tinting. Window tinting serves to protect your indoor environment from the […]

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