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Black Friday Specials from DeDona!

There’s no better time to get your windows tinted at DeDona, because we’re giving away a FREE 7-inch Android tablet with 4GB of storage when you purchase full Carbon series window tint for your ride! Use it for work and play, or give it to someone as a gift – it’s up to you! *Stock […]

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Custom Window Tinting vs. Computer Cut Tint

Those unfamiliar with window tint may not know the difference between computer cut films and custom cut film, and that’s unfortunate because once you’re aware of the difference, computer cut is simply not acceptable if you take pride in your car or truck. You may be wondering why computer cut tint film would be the […]

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Advantages of Window Tint for Retail Stores

Every retail business has to juggle all kinds of expenses, while making sure that both employees and customers are comfortable while in the facility.  Making a working and shopping environment comfortable can take a substantial amount of planning, investment, and research, but sometimes even comparatively small investments can be made that have a positive impact […]

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Auto Glass Cleaning Tips: Which Cleaner to Use?

Using the right cleaner can make a world of difference! Not only does clean glass look better, it makes the whole driving experience safer and less stressful. Windshield wipers are great for a quick clean on the road, but they don’t remove everything and sometimes end up smearing bugs and other grime on the glass. […]

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How Long Does Window Tint Last?

Just as parts on a vehicle will break or wear down over time, window tint will also eventually need to be replaced. How long your tint lasts depends on a number of factors including the quality and type of film you choose, how much direct sunlight the tint is exposed to, and the quality of […]

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Types of Window Tint Film and their Differences

We have been tinting windows for close to 20 years now, and our customers’ tastes are as varied as the types of tint films we have available. Some want a cheaper tint and a darker look, others want a more reflective look, and some want a more subdued, subtle look. The appearance of the tint, […]

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Black Friday – Extreme Deals from DeDona!

For one day only, get 50% off your purchase of CarbonXP tint from SunTek. CarbonXP provides superior protection from UV rays, reduces glare and interior temperature, won’t interfere with electronic devices, and looks SHARP! If another type of tint film interests you, we’re also offering a 25% discount on ALL other window tinting ordered on […]

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The Many Benefits of Window Tinting

Aside from the obvious cosmetic touch of window tinting, many people are unaware of the many practical benefits that come along with it, ranging from personal health and safety to a more private and pleasant driving experience. Here’s a few quick facts to keep in mind as you consider whether window tinting is right for […]

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Rear Window Tint – Multiple Strips vs. Heat Shrinking a Single Piece

Applying window tint to side windows is fairly straight forward – on most vehicles the glass is only slightly curved, which means the tint film doesn’t have as much tendency to wrinkle and instead lies flat. However, many rear windows have a compound curve that can make the application of tint film a real hassle. […]

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How Businesses and Homes Benefit from Window Tinting

It is officially summertime. The sun’s heat is at its peak, making both outdoors and even indoors a bit unbearable at times. Aside from cranking up the air conditioning, there is another option for protecting your home or business from the sun’s powerful rays—window tinting. Window tinting serves to protect your indoor environment from the […]

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