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Semi-Truck Windshield Replacement & Repair

Semi Glass & Windshield Replacement When you’re out on the long-haul, the last thing you should worry about is how to get your semi-truck glass replaced if it gets damaged. Here at DeDona Auto Glass, we help hundreds of semi-truck drivers replace their windshields and windows every year! We make every effort to ensure the […]

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Preventing Windshield Damage from Spreading

DeDona Auto Glass specializes in windshield repair, so if yours has a small crack or chip then there is still hope for the glass! Replacing a windshield is not normally a huge expense, however it is still much more costly than repairing damage instead, unless of course your insurance policy covers replacement and repairs. Small […]

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An Improperly Installed Windshield Can Be Fatal in an Accident

If you regularly follow our blog updates, you’ll likely recall many mentions of the important role windshields play in the safety of occupants and structural support of a vehicle.  Far too often we are confronted with replacing windshields that were improperly installed, and we know that in each case the driver and their passengers have […]

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Glass Bonding Adhesive Vital for Windshield Strength & Safety

While the quality of glass used to replace a windshield is quite important, the quality of adhesive used is of even greater importance.  Urethane glass bonding adhesive is used for millions of new windshield installations every year, and independent auto glass service facilities such as DeDona Auto Glass rely on the same quality adhesive when […]

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Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Services for Semi Trucks

Semi Trucks require specialized techniques when it comes to auto glass repair. Their sheer size means that they cannot be taken to just any old glass repair shop. When it comes to auto glass repair, due to the standardization of safety glass and windshield construction basic techniques do not vary drastically. The devil, as they […]

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Cold Weather Care Tips For Your Windshield

When people prepare their vehicle for winter driving, they probably worry about servicing their engine or tires. One important area that is often overlooked is the windshield. With proper care and maintenance, you can keep your auto glass in good condition and avoid a windshield repair or replacement. Here are some simple tips that you […]

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Windshield Repair Necessary for Proper Airbag Deployment

Your windshield is an essential safety feature of your vehicle. It serves as a backstop for your passenger airbag in the event of a collision or impact. When your windshield is cracked or chipped, it can cause your airbag to malfunction, putting your passenger at risk. This is one reason that you need to have […]

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The Advantages of Mobile Auto Glass Replacement and Repair Services

When you notice a chip or crack in your windshield, you don’t always have time to stop and have it properly repaired. However, putting off a repair can end up costing you more because the chip can spread into a large crack. Once this happens, a windshield replacement is necessary. Mobile auto glass repair and […]

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Tips to Prevent Automotive Break-Ins This Holiday Season

Don’t let a vehicle break-in ruin your holidays. Unfortunately, this is the time of year when many criminals take advantage of unsuspecting shoppers who leave packages in their cars. They will smash your car windows to get access to your gifts and make a quick get away. You are left with damaged auto glass and […]

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How to Properly Maintain Your Auto Glass

Auto glass is one of the most important features of your vehicle. Maintaining not just your windshield, but all of the glass on your automobile is crucial to the safety and performance of your vehicle. Your side mirrors, rearview mirror, power windows and rear glass should be in good working order and free from chips […]

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