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4 Things You Should Never Do To Your Auto Glass

As the weather continues to get colder, the experts at DeDona Auto Glass have a few pieces of advice to follow to protect your auto glass from damage during the harsh winter months. Do not pour hot water on your windshield in order to remove ice. If there are any cracks or chips in your […]

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Does My Windshield Provide Protection from the Sun’s UV Rays?

UV exposure from the sun is a concern for everyone whether we’re tanning at the beach or driving down the road. The sun’s radiation is actually divided into three different categories – UVA, UVB, and UVC – each having a different effect on our bodies. The third type, UVC, is not a concern because Earth’s […]

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The Physics of a Windshield Impact

Nearly every driver and commuter has had the unpleasant experience of a cracked windshield resulting from debris impacting the glass. That sudden, loud and unmistakable sound of a rock striking glass can ruin your day and cost you money, especially if the damage is left to expand into even larger cracks. As random as windshield […]

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The Purpose of the Frit (Black Band) and Spots on Windshield

At some point while driving or examining your vehicle, you may have noticed a somewhat curious pattern along the edge of the windshield consisting of black dots, and commented to yourself, “I wonder what those are for.” The answer to this mystery is rather simple. The modern windshield is a marvel of engineering, and dare […]

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How Windshields Are Made

The windshield is an essential part of your vehicle. Not only does it provide protection from inclement weather and debris kicked up from the road, it also plays a role in strengthening the vehicle by providing structural support.  Made of laminated safety glass, the modern windshield is a precisely engineered component that is designed to […]

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The Clear Advantage of Aquapel Glass Treatment

Visibility while driving is the single most important safety factor on the road. In low light or poor weather, if you can’t see the road ahead or other vehicles and pedestrians, your chances of having an accident increase dramatically. Products like Rain-X, designed to bead and repel water on the windshield and other glass, have […]

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Future Windshield Technology – ‘Augmented Reality’

Technological innovation in the auto industry has seen amazing strides in recent years, however until just recently the windshield is one component that has been particularly resistant to change. All that may be about to change however, with a new and groundbreaking technology being explored for use in modern vehicles, a technology called “augmented reality”, […]

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Chip Repairs – Prevent Your Windshield from Cracking

If you’re a vehicle owner, you generally try to keep up with regular maintenance – regular oil changes, new coolant, and the occasional transmission service. When a more serious problem arises, usually it will make it much higher up on the priority list in order to avoid more serious issues. However, there is one particular […]

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A Brief History of the Windshield

Over the years, windshields have been updated and completely transformed to enhance the safety of motor vehicles. Windshields now serve a structural purpose for vehicles as a whole, rather than just a simple shield from wind and a bit of debris. It might surprise you that in the 19th century drivers actually wore goggles as […]

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The Benefits of Mobile Windshield Repair Services

Many of us are constantly pressed for time and money. Every inconvenience or delay seems to cause us more problems than the mounting pressures we already experience, and nothing causes us as much stress as those issues related to our cars. We rely on our cars for our livelihood, recreation, and emergencies, so even the […]

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