The Advantages of A Remote Vehicle Entry System

We have all had the experience of trying to hold an armload of packages while attempting to unlock the car door without dropping anything. A remote entry system for your car eliminates this problem because it allows you to unlock your doors, and in some cases your trunk, with the touch of a button. Whether you have small children, travel from place to place for work, or simply love the convenience of this feature, a remote vehicle entry system offers many advantages to drivers.

A remote entry system performs the function of a standard key without having to make contact with the lock. You can lock and unlock your doors from a few feet away, and from inside of a building. It is always a good idea to lock your car doors and this feature makes it easier than ever to make sure you lock them each time you park. No more running out of the restaurant to double-check your doors. You can simply press the lock button to ensure that your car is secure.

This time of year, millions of us are out shopping for gifts, groceries and decorations for our holiday celebration. Often, we are loaded down with bags and packages. With a remote entry system, you don’t need to put down you bags while you place he key in the lock and open the doors. You simply have to push a button and your doors will unlock as you approach the car. This feature is not only convenient, it also improves safety because you spend less time fumbling with your locks and you are able to get in your vehicle quickly.

Remote entry is great for families who have small children as well. Getting them in and out of the car can be quite an undertaking and it is easy to get distracted. With this system, you can be lock and unlock your doors easily, without taking your eyes off of your children.

DeDona Tint and Sound can install a remote vehicle entry system to suit your needs. Whether you need remote control door opening or a remote trunk release as well, we can install the system that makes the most sense for your lifestyle and budget. Located at 512 W. Market Street in Greensboro, NC, we are a short drive from Kernersville, Winston Salem, High Point, Burlington, and Reidsville.


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