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The use of protective film on vehicles is very common today. Most people think to themselves, why would I buy protective film for my vehicle? Protective film helps to reduce rock chip damage on the front end of the vehicle and paint. It also assists in helping you avoid damage to your car from kicked up sand, dirt, gravel and other debris while driving.

There is a protective film to fit every car, let us help find the perfect match for you.  Located in Greensboro NC, we can service all of your paint protection needs.

If you’ve been considering paint protection film, chances are you have a new car, or even a new paint job, and you’re looking for a way to keep your car looking its best. One of the main threats to the appearance of a car’s paint job is the bombardment of the front of the car by bugs, gravel and bits of road debris. This is the issue that leads concerned vehicle owners to purchase the protective “car bra,” a harness that fits on the front end of the car and takes the brunt of the damage that these small projectiles inflict. But the car bra has some drawbacks, the most obvious of which is that it significantly alters the appearance of the car.

silver BMWThe answer to this dilemma is paint protection film. TruCut is a paint protection film that is the clearest and strongest product on the market in terms of paint protection. TruCut paint protection film can provide you with 100% protection against chips and related vehicle damage. Because it’s so strong, DeDona Tint and Sound offers a five year warranty on the protection paint treatment. You can wash and wax your vehicle as you would the original paint, and as an added bonus, it’s virtually invisible, it will not alter the appearance of your car. And unlike the car bra, TruCut paint protection film allows ultraviolet rays to penetrate, which means all the paint on your car will see the same level of sun fade.

DeDona Tint and Sound also offers high quality automotive films.



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