Tips to Increase the Security of Your Vehicle

Unfortunately, car theft is a fairly common occurrence in our area.  Often, we make it easy for thieves by our own careless behavior.  By taking just a few precautionary measures, you can protect one of your largest investments.  Listed here are some things you can do to minimize the risk of your vehicle getting stolen.

Install a car alarm: Many new cars are equipped with a car alarm.  If your vehicle does not have one, be sure to get one installed. A car alarm will alert you if someone is messing with your vehicle.  Also, it acts as a deterrent to criminals who may attempt to break into your car.

Have your windows tinted: When you leave your possessions in plain view, you are providing temptation to would-be criminals. Tinted windows prevent others from easily seeing the valuables in your vehicle.  Most thieves will not break into cars if they are unsure what is inside.

Install a GPS tracking system: These systems require a GPS transmitter to be hidden somewhere in the car.  If the vehicle is stolen, its location can be tracked using this device.

Always lock your car: This may seem like common sense but many of us become distracted or simply forget.  A keyless entry system can be installed so that even as you are walking away from your vehicle or already in your home, you can press a button to lock your car doors.

Park in a secured area: You should only park in areas that are well lit and provide surveillance.  If you must park in the street, try to find a spot in a busy area.  When at home, park in your driveway rather than the road.  If you have a garage or carport, park there if possible.

While there is no way to guarantee that you will not become a victim of a crime, taking a few precautions can decrease the likelihood that you will be target.  Let the specialists at DeDona Tint and Sound help you improve the security of your vehicle.  We sell and install car alarms, GPS tracking devices, window tinting, an keyless entry systems for all types of vehicles.  Visit our Greensboro, NC store or call (336) 851-1300 to find out more.

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